Hardworking Hero Solid Lotion Bar


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A solid lotion bar for extremely dry skin dedicated to the Hardworking Heroes who make the world turn. From mechanics and construction workers to nurses and teachers, many of the hardest jobs require you to get down and dirty, and clean up the mess afterward.

If you’ve got the kind of job that brings you in contact with extreme elements, or big messes, then you know the dry, cracked elbows, heels, and hands that can come with the job. Yes, it’ll even tackle the itchiness and swelling from bug bites, eczema, and psoriasis!

Rich olive oil is coupled with pure, responsibly harvested beeswax to condition even the most stubborn dry skin.  That said, the real star in this solid lotion is a comforting essential oil blend that encourages relaxation even as it soothes your skin.

When you open the package, the first thing you’ll smell is the cocoa butter’s rich, chocolate aroma. Then, you’ll notice an uplifting note from the peppermint and pink grapefruit. As the rich butters and oils absorb into your skin, you’ll be enveloped in woody base notes from cedar and sandalwood.

How To Use a Solid Lotion Bar

It’s as easy as using your favorite traditional moisturizer, and they’re arguably less messy! They stay firm at room temperature, but melt gently when you use them on your skin. First, gently rub the bar between your hands to get a silky layer of lotion. Next, massage it into stubborn, dry skin anywhere on your body. The Hardworking Hero Solid Lotion Bar is perfect for those stubborn spots like elbows and knees.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter; Responsibly-sourced Beeswax; Olive Oil; Hempseed Oil; Essential Oil Blend with Himalayan Cedarwood, Lavender, Coriander Seed, Grapefruit, Blue Tansy, and Peppermint.

Learn more about all the goodies you’ll find inside in our Ingredients Glossary.

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