Handmade Soap

Welcome to Coconut Cream’s Handmade Soap Shop!

We know when you shop for handmade soap, you’re looking for a soap that cleans and conditions well. And you want it made with ingredients you can trust to take great care of your skin. That’s why we craft every small batch of our coconut milk soap with the best plant-based ingredients we can source.

Why Should You Buy Handmade Soap?

First, you’re directly in touch with the crafter, and that means you know exactly what’s in your soap. We’ve perfected our recipe with a blend of skin-loving oils like rice bran, olive, castor & sweet almond. Then, we enriched it with full-fat, great quality coconut milk. Even the most sensitive skin will stay clean and gorgeous with our balanced, sweet-smelling soaps.

Secondly, that brings us to the aromas. Even the aroma blends are plant-based. Each soap is made with excellent essential oils and other plant-based components like fruit and resin extracts. So, there’s sure to be a scent you love. Plus, having this kind of control over the ingredients means that if you don’t see a scent you want, we can probably make it for you.

Besides all that, this is where customization comes in. Basically, with every soap we make, you get to choose how to make it the perfect soap for your skin. First, you’ll tell us your skin type, your favorite scent, and how much soap you want. Then, let us know what kind of special finishing touches you want. You can add ingredients like koalin clay to absorb oil, or ground orange peel for gentle exfoliation. Finally, you can even tell us how much or how little packaging you’d like.

Less packaging means savings for you, less to recycle, and a little less work for us. What can I say? We’re a handmade soap shop, even saving one step is a big deal.

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