Coco’s Soothing Facial Serum


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The skin on your face needs extra special pampering. Condition, nourish, protect, and even heal your sensitive facial skin with a serum made just for you.

Unscented: Ideal for the most sensitive skin or allergies. Great for people who don’t want soap conflicting with their perfume or cologne. No added scents or colors.

Classic Coconut: Turn your shower into a tropical retreat with the classic scent of creamy coconut & a hint of lime.

Clean Mint: As refreshing as a mojito sipped on the beach, this uplifting scent will sweeten your day with all the best top notes of mint and none of its overpowering notes.

Seaside Spa: The spa treatment in a bar of soap! Sweet melon blends with cool cucumber and earthy notes of bamboo and aloe for a truly relaxing scent.

Mountainside Forest: A deeply satisfying, warm and woody scent that balances the earthy notes of Tonka bean and amber with refreshing notes of grapefruit and orange.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 in

1 oz., 2 oz.

Facial Serum Scents

Unscented, Classic Coconut, Clean Mint, Seaside Spa


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