Frequent Questions About Handmade Coconut Milk Soaps

How long will a bar of Coconut Cream Soap last?

This depends on a lot of factors including how many people use the soap, how often, for what, and even how much body hair they have! A bar used for hand and facial washing will last longer than one used for your entire shower. But in general, the soaps tend to last about a month,…

Are Coconut Cream Soaps hypoallergenic?

We don’t specifically design the soaps to be hypoallergenic, and some essential oils – no matter how well diluted – will cause skin irritation in rare cases. If any scented soap, perfume or body product causes an irritated reaction, bumps, or swelling: stop using it. But we make creamy, unscented soaps for this very reason,…

What’s the shelf life of a bar of Coconut Cream Soap?

You should use your soap in 12 months or less for maximum freshness, lather and scent. But if you REALLY stock up, keep your soaps wrapped in their packaging and stored in a cool, dry place, and they should work well for up to 24 months. That said, if you keep them lonely like that,…

Where are Coconut Cream Soaps made?

Coconut Cream Soaps are handmade in small batches in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA.

How long will it take to get my custom soap?

Please estimate 3-4 weeks to receive your soap. We make every single batch of soap when you place your order, to your specifications, and handmade soaps that include lye should cure before use. We do everything we can to make every other part of the process as fast as possible. We will process most orders…

Where can you ship Coconut Cream Soaps?

Currently, we deliver handmade soaps to the USA only.

What payment methods can I use to order?

You can pay for your Coconut Cream Soaps with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square and even Stripe.

How much does it cost to ship the soap?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the amount of soap you order and your distance from North Carolina. We use the cheapest available USPS option of your choice to deliver your custom soap.

Do you ship Coconut Cream Soap to P.O. boxes?

Yes! As long as they’re in the USA.

Can I recycle my Coconut Cream Soap packaging?

Yes, and we hope you will! We strive to minimize plastic packaging and use recyclable paper and cardboard as much as possible. Plus, we urge you to recycle any other packaging – including bubble mailers –  at participating recycling centers around your community. Check out to find the closest places to recycle in your…