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Treat yourself and your loved ones to a handmade gift for a good cause this holiday season when you grab your Longleaf Press Premium Holiday Spa Collection! We’ve teamed up with Longleaf Press to pamper you AND help build a Writer’s Workshop for at-risk youth. Pre-order today to bathe yourself in books and handmade bath products in exclusive scents you’ll only find here!

What’s Inside Our Longleaf Press Essentials Holiday Spa Collection?

First, you choose your favorite book from Longleaf Press. We’re fond of Down to Earth – we even named one of this Collection’s scents after it!. Next, choose from Unscented for Sensitive Skin, Mimosa, or Down to Earth. Pre-orders end midnight on Cyber Monday (November 29, 2021). Then, this December, in time for Christmas (postal services willing!), we’ll send you this luscious collection that includes:

  • One (1) Longleaf Press Book of Your Choice
  • Two (2) bars of  Handmade Coconut Milk Soap (approx. 4 oz.) in the scent of your choice (Unscented for Sensitive Skin, Mimosa, or Down to Earth);
  • One (1) 1.25 oz. Handmade No-Spill Lotion Bar (in your chosen scent, Pure Vanilla if you choose Unscented for Sensitive Skin);
  • One (1) 15 ml Handmade Facial Serum (in your chosen scent, Pure Vanilla if you choose Unscented for Sensitive Skin);
  • Lavender Bath Puff;
  • Professional Nail Care Kit;
  • Natural Bristle Body Brush; and
  • Pumice Stone.

Exclusive Holiday Spa Collection Scents

Each spa-quality product is 100% vegan and handmade in small batches from the finest ingredients and clean, plant-based aroma components to leave you clean and smelling great, all while conditioning your skin and helping you relax with a great book!

As the name suggests, our Unscented for Sensitive Skin is completely free of fragrances and pigments, perfect for even your most sensitive areas. EXCLUSIVE Mimosa sparkles in your nose first with a hint of champagne that dissolves into sweet, sunny Satsuma Orange; it’s an ideal scent for starting the day (especially if it’s brunch time). Finally, EXCLUSIVE Down to Earth wraps you in comforting notes of ginger, rosemary, and sweet anise, then lifts your spirit with hints of cool mint and crisp lime.

Plus, since these aromas are crafted by our Soapmaker-in-Chief from exceptional essential oils and plant-based fragrances, you won’t find them in any other spa collection in the world!

What About the Books?

There’s a whole library of Longleaf Press titles to choose from! Have fun trying to stick to only one. Or don’t: It’s for a good cause 😉 Check out Longleaf Press’s entire catalog here.

Down to Earth, by Crystal Simone Smith: “Where a lesser poet would make an airless box, Smith uses her deep understanding of both human and poetic form to make a world. People live, love, and struggle within the formal confines of a brutal world that is also luminous beyond all our expectations. I aspire to Smith’s mastery of line and clarity of vision. In this book, the past is always rising up to meet us and remind us that the past really isn’t past at all. We are always making and remaking it.” -Gaby Calvocoressi

This Far from Perfect, by Kate Fetherson: “In Kate Fetherston’s work we find we are being ushered along the paths of memory and life by a seasoned and talented chaperone. Through the dark and rain, through family and friends, through addiction, life, death, and the slow days of summer, the world we are being invited into is one of hard-won experience.” – Matthew Dickman, author of Wonderland and Mayakovsky’s Revolver 

Layrinth, by Jennifer Newhouse: “[W]hile these poems converse with a wide range of literary traditions–romanticism, the pastoral–they never once use their “poetic” awareness against the reader, but rather acknowledge, as in “After Abandoned Wasp Nests,” that we are all–in our desires, our homing instinct, our need for freedom’s flight, “more alike than not./ That life means life means life:/ bumblebee, raccoon, human, wasp–.” -Lisa Russ Spaar

The Innocence of Education, by Earl Carlton Huband: “Good poems also do what Joseph Conrad proclaimed to be the ultimate purpose of his prose: above all, to make you see. Earl Huband has through his poems in The Innocence of Education awakened me to what venturing as a Peace Corps teacher into a totally foreign environment, language and culture such as Oman’s involves.” – Christopher M. Armitage, Professor of English, UNC-Chapel Hill

Naming the Scars, by Marty Silverthorne: “Silverthorne’s direct and forceful words, and his unrelentingly honest images, force us into a world that we would not know without his poems, a world both horrifying and blessed, horrifying because of the continuing illness, the quadriplegia the narrator must face, and blessed because of the extraordinary caregivers whose portraits Silverthorne paints so vividly, caregivers and family members who become healers. This book will stay with me for a long time.” – Tony Abbott, author of The Angel Dialogues 

The Catalog of Crooked Thoughts, by Robert McKean: “For a novel that deals with the aftermath of a sudden death, The Catalog of Crooked Thoughts is wonderfully full of life. Robert McKean writes with such fierce intelligence, such lyrical wit and psychological acuity, that I found myself thinking that Franz and Ellen Stahrenberger were living just down the road–that I might meet Franz in the halls of the local college, or Ellen taking down a For Sale sign. I was ready to follow these characters , and their author, anywhere.” – Margot Livesey

Laying the Past in the Light, by Anne Maren Hogen: “delivers wisdom and insight from a rural writer who’s breathed deeply from the land all her life, both in Iowa and North Carolina. She hones in with equal skill on both the mystery of death and the resurgent power of landscapes, those at hand and those recalled. Ms. Maren-Hogan pointedly pulls in the forces of nature (human and otherwise) to craft her lines. These poems could surely hustle me outdoors with a straw hat and a sharpened scythe.” – Timothy Fay, author of Wapsipinicon Almanac

Ours, by Finley Bullard Evans: “There is only one word for love in the English language. So we write poetry– to fill the gaps of what we know love to be. Finley Bullard Evans’ new collection is a necessary compendium for anyone brave enough to transcend the limitations of a one-size-fits-all definition of such a crucial word.” – T. J. Beitelman

Blood Creek, by Shannon Camlin Ward: “Ward’s own haunted origins as a woman and a daughter–[is] adeptly translat[ed] into a series of images and stories we can both witness and take part in as readers…Ward calls us to take part in the telling of her own family’s history from both its periphery and its center, reminding us all the while that dressing our own cuts–our own wounds–is a risky but altogether necessary business.” – Dorianne Laux

Advice from Household Gods, by Amy Knox Brown: “Every now and then, fiction writers will wander into my poetry workshop. Usually, they pick up a few things about diction or rhythm or imagery. Amy Knox Brown walked off with the whole bag of tricks. These poems, like the short stories in her first book, are often funny, sometimes sexy, and always true-to-the-heart.” – John Balaban

Paradise Motel, by Earl McMurray: “Earl McMurray’s poems reveal a knowledge of lived life that speaks with earned authority and irresistible feeling.” – Michael Heffernan, University of Arkansas, author of The Night Breeze Off the Ocean

The Ice Carver, by David T. Manning: “Here is freshness, wholeness, newness, and an inexhaustibly attractive way of looking all about the world…” — Fred Chappell

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 8 in
Choose Your Scent

Unscented for Sensitive Skin, EXCLUSIVE Mimosa, EXCLUSIVE Down to Earth

Choose Your Longleaf Press Title

Down to Earth, This Far From Perfect, Labyrinth, The Innocence of Education, Naming the Scars, The Catalog of Crooked Thoughts, Laying the Past in the Light, Ours, Blood Creek, Advice From Household Gods, Paradise Motel, The Ice Carver


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