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An incredible accident, this handmade leather & pine tar soap is 100% vegan. While perfecting my pine tar soap recipe, I overworked this batch before its first pour. Fortunately, soap is (a little) forgiving, and and I was able to start re-batching it immediately.

The surprising soap that resulted looks like chocolate fudge marbled with peanut butter. Its rich scent comes off as leather & is made with pine tar coupled with pinus sylvestris essential oil. Pine tar is a stunning ingredient in soap, prized for its ability to encourage healing and reduce skin infections.

Each soap is handmade, and will be one-of-a-kind. While I can (and will) continue to create this recipe, environmental factors can change the depth of color, marbling (whether it exists or not), and the unique display of swirls on each soap. Once this particular batch is gone, it’s gone.

Learn more about how my leather & pine tar soap was made, and watch me cut it at CoconutCreamSoaper on Twitch.

Want to know more about the ingredients I use? Check out my Ingredients Glossary.

How to use: First, thoroughly wet the soap bar and areas of skin you want to clean. At first, the lather will be thick and creamy to start. Next, rub the bar in your hands or your favorite cloth or bath puff to work up the lather. Then, scrub with the lather and rinse thoroughly. Follow up your shower or bath with our Facial Serums and No-Spill Lotion Bars.


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